Practitioner information change

Make sure your contact information is current with us. If you want to make changes to your information, all you have to do is fill out the form on page 2. It’s easy!

Make a change request today
You can fill out one form per provider in your practice. You can make changes to your:
  • Name
  • Physical and mailing addresses
  • TIN
  • NPI
  • Specialty type
  • Board certification
  • License
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Service Location Additions
  • Practitioner Resignation/Retirement (Term Date)

You’ll also want to attach important information with your change request, like a W-9 or your licensure.

Remember to complete the whole form.If you have more than ten providers that require changes, use our provider roster update spreadsheet instead. Send the updated spreadsheet to

Your information is important
Your information helps us:
  • Send payment to you without delay or error
  • Make updates in a timely manner
  • Send important information about new products and initiatives
  • Meet state and NCQA requirements

We’ll take care of the rest
Once we receive your change request, we’ll process and complete it within 30 business days. [SP1]  Remember, we can only process requests for in-network providers with a signed, executed agreement on file. So, if you’re an out-of-network provider and want to join our network, fill out our Out of Network Request to Join Form . For more questions about enrollment, contact Provider Relations at 1-866-638-1232.

Select the below sections to make changes in the respective fields
ProviderName Change    Practicing Specialties Change    Facility NPI Change    Hospital Facilities Change    Practitioner Resignation/Retirement Change    Primary Service Location/ Address Change    

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Provider Information
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