Frequently asked questions  (FAQ)

What is CareUnify?
CareUnify is a population health management system for health care providers and health plan resources to connect and manage patients’ continuity of care through multiple care settings.  CareUnify is a complementary tool to existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

How much does CareUnify cost?
Aetna is committed to offering CareUnify free of charge to select providers in our network who are able to utilize the system as part of their population management strategy and/or who are participating in a value-based arrangement with Aetna Better Health.

How long does it take to have CareUnify deployed for my practice and my Aetna patient data loaded into CareUnify?
Average deployment is 3-4 weeks.

How do you access CareUnify?
Each user is given a unique username and password.  CareUnify can be accessed from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Who conducts CareUnify training and ongoing support?
Each provider has a dedicated Population Health Specialist that provides education, training, and supports adoption.

What is the role of a Population Health Specialist?
Population Health Specialists are a multi-talented team of experienced clinicians and transformation specialists that serve as the dedicated relationship manager and connection to the local health plan.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on regular data and metric reviews of performance trends on total cost of care, utilization trends and quality outcomes.
  • Review and identify high-risk members needing care and services.  Support regular care rounds especially for complex members around key clinical events such as a hospital discharge.
  • Coordinate with the health plan care management and quality teams to ensure resources are well coordinated.
Who are typical users of CareUnify?
In our experience, staff on the front lines driving care coordination (e.g. care coordinators, care navigators) will be the most critical users of the system.  Other staff including directors of quality or performance improvement team members will also be favored users as the system is designed to help practice sites achieve quality improvement and effectively monitor the total cost of care for their assigned population.

How do I inquire about a demo and/or more information?
On the homepage, click on the link for your state to access local contact information.