Quality Gaps Closure

Quality gaps closure

One place for quality

With the CareUnify system, there’s a better way to track and manage your patient’s progress through health challenges. You can view and export quality data for an individual patient or the entire population.
This helps to prevent gaps in care.

  • The system tracks real-time open gap statuses that need to be addressed.
  • The practice team follows action steps to close the gap.
  • The platform offers information on any supplemental data requirements to close the gap.
  • The health plan team receives an alert once the gap is closed.
  • The health plan uses the “inspect and manage” tool to officially close out the gap.
  • The practice receives an alert about the status of the gap closure.

You’ll be able to view:

  • Open and closed gaps
  • Metric descriptions, including details for exclusion
  • Quality metrics (HEDIS®, Star Ratings)
  • Helpful coding guide with tips
  • Data integration from other health systems
  • Alerts

Now you have a better process for providing quality services and closing gaps in care.  You can improve patient health while achieving success on metrics tied to your value-based contract.  This feature allows you to manage high-risk patients more effectively.  And it saves on time and resources, and uses innovative technology.

It’s an easy, paperless way to track thousands of metrics across an entire panel.