Population health specialists

Population health specialists (PHSs) offer real onsite support. We assign a PHS to a practice to support patient management and care coordination.

Our innovative approach allows the PHS, health plan, care team and provider partner to create and maintain an effective workflow. And it’s no cost to you.

Real people offering support

Who are they?

  • Skilled clinicians and specialists with years of education, training, managed care, certifications and more

  • Relationship managers and connection to the health plan

What do they do?

  • Provide CareUnify system education and training

  • Provide data analysis and workflow analysis to see where the practice can be more effective

  • Review regular data and metrics of performance trends on total cost of care, utilization trends and quality outcomes

  • Review and identify high-risk members needing care and services

  • Ensure gap closures and care paths are being followed

How do they help?

  • Support regular care rounds around key clinical events

  • Coordinate with the health plan care management and quality teams to ensure resources are available

  • Help members and their circles of support attend all appointments

  • Support providers’ practice transformation